Payment Options

Colony Ridge Land, LLC has several payment options for our current customers. To submit payment, the following options are available to you:

Pay Online

Create your Paylease account

Creating your Paylease account is easy! Just follow the steps on our online tutorial.
Create your account

Make an online payment

You can make your payments using a web browser once you have created your Paylease account using the link above.
Pay Here
Download the Paylease app to your phone and make payments from any modern mobile device. (iOS and Android)

Pay by Mail

P.O. Box 279
Fresno, TX 77545

Pay In Store

Now You can pay at Retail Stores!

To register or for more information, visit our New Caney and Arcola office.

Payment Policies

Read more about our payment policies by downloading the policy below.
English Download
Spanish Download

Making Payments

We have online videos to walk you through every step of making your payments.

Payment Videos